Full Place Name not printing in Pedigree Chart

I have resorted to this forum since I have been unable to solve this problem from watching tutorials. This is my first post. I am currently still using RM7. When I print a Pedigree Chart the full place name is not showing for some entries. The town is missing completely. The entry, as I want it, is entered correctly in the individual summary. The full place name shows correctly in a place names report with the correct events corresponding to that place. I can successfully generate a gedcom file so I know there isn’t any corruption. How do I fix the problem?

The Pedigree Chart has a limited amount of characters for the place name. It will truncate starting with the smallest locality first. The Ancestor Chart has the ability to word wrap and can give the full place name.

Thank you so much. I would have truncated from the larger municipality first myself but now I know. Doesn’t help that French place names tend to be long. I guess it’s a case of too much information not necessarily helping. Thanks for the prompt reply. Not bad for a “first encounter “.

I wonder if making the font size smaller has any effect on what fits?

Thanks for the suggestion JP1. I did see that there was a font size option but the font size is pretty small to start with. Thanks to the information from rzamor1 I have tweaked my place names & the problem has been solved.