Feature request - navigation via people shared in event

I have many custom events. One of them is “nn-link” as in “need need to find the missing link”.

I have a Sven Svensson in my family as an adult husband of a relative. There is a child Sven Svensson in my dataset who may or may not be the same guy. I add the nn-link event and share it with the other. In TMG I only had to do this once as they were both primaries to the event. In RM, they cannot both be primary without creating a marriage relationship so I have to add it twice. First to #1 and share with #2. Then with #2 and share with #1.

At such time as I’m able to confirm they are the same person, I merge them and delete the nn-link event.

REQUEST: I would like to click on the person shared to and open him/her in a new window for comparison or editing.

It’s nice that I can easily do this with spouse, children, siblings and parents, now let’s just take it one step further.

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PS - sharing (aka witnesses in TMG) is also handy to establish the FAN club in probate, land, baptisms etc.

I add my support to this feature request. The ‘witness’ function in TMG worked very well and would be an asset to RM8 if a similar feature could be established. The TMG feature is much more flexible than the ‘sharing’ currently in RM8 unless I am missing something.