"Favorites" list in Report menu

I would really value a “favorites” list in the reports section or something similar. I’m thinking that I have a handful of reports that I run frequently and I have difficulty remembering which ones they are and which options I prefer.
Example: place index on or off? which version of the narrative do I like NEGHS or Indented?
Where was that report that I ran that had blah, blah, blah.
I like the the number of options and the reporting choices, I would just like to quickly access the ones I like the best.
Thanks for listening.


On the Publish page the Reports and Charts section will list 4 most recent reports that you used.

Yes, thank you Renee. I was hoping for just a favorites with all the options remembered. But if it is too much the recently used list will suffice. Thank you for your attentiveness to this forum and the helpful tips you constantly share.