FamilySearch person Tool Issues

  1. When I am the “People - People List view View” and I change from one person to another, the Blue “FamilySearch” icon (above the Spouse button in the side view.) will not show up. But the record is attached. If you click the blank Icon, It will say no record attached but is you click it again, it will open the record.

  2. Sometimes when I open the FamilySearch Person Tool - it will open duplicate children records. If I refresh the view it will update correctly.

Is anyone else seeing this?

You will see the same thing with the Person Tools icons in the Info Box while on the People List and Descendant List. That’s because they do not load while in those views. Only the Pedigree and Family View have those icons and will reload there. If the link is there, like with FamilySearch, you can click and still see them.

On your screen shot with FamilySearch I have seen that. Just close the screen and reopen and it should load properly. You can also try the Reload button next to the UnMatch button.