Export Gedcom file

I want to export a gedcom file to a friend, who’se using Aldfaer. Aldfaer is in The Netherlands a very popular genealogy program.
But these export always crashes, because RM should not be compatible with Gedcom 5.5.1.
Even when I upload to my own site on the internet, I get this notification.
Does anybody know, how I can solve this?
Gr. Pieter

Not sure which direction it’s crashing. If it’s crashing while creating the GEDCOM then run the database tools first. Go to Settings, Tools to run them. If it’s crashing when importing into Aldfaer then make sure you have unselected “Extra details (RM specific)” when creating the GEDCOM.

Hallo Pieter,

If you export from RM, you can switch off most RM specific extensions, so that the exported file comes quite close to the 5.5.1 standard. And I say close, because there are some small problems, like NAME tags in citations.

I know from experience that Aldfaer has problems with GEDCOM 5.5.1, because I see those with files exported from Gramps too. Aldfaer will then tell you that there’s a problem with a media object, but that is not true. The real problem is Aldfaer itself, and the developers should know that, because it was reported to them multiple times on their forum, and they can use the standard to see that the exports are OK.

You may be able to avoid this problem by unchecking media links in the RM export.

I need to add that Aldfaer may crash on big trees too, and that is also a known problem that has been discussed on their forum.

Hallo Enno,
dat het probleem bij Aldfaer ligt, wist ik niet. Mijn vertrouwen in Aldfaer was zo groot, dat ik er zeker van was, dat het probleem bij RM lag.
Nu vraag ik me af, of we niet beter bij RM kunnen blijven.

This is what I see, when I import in Aldfaer:
21:04:27 → Initialiseer GEDCOM-import
21:04:27 → Karakterset volgens GEDCOM: UTF-8
21:04:27 → Karakterset volgens Aldfaer: UTF-8
21:04:28 → GEDCOM-bestand controleren
21:04:54 → Onvoldoende geheugen
21:04:54 → Het importeren van de GEDCOM is gestopt op regel 5314959

So, that’s the reason wy I believe the problem is in RM
Gr. Pieter

I can understand that, but I have the same problem with files exported from Gramps. And for @rzamor1 this line says that Aldfaer runs out of memory.

And I know from their forum that it even runs out of memory when it imports its own GEDCOM files when trees get big. And as a software engineer, I have some suspiciouns, which are quite hard to check, because I can’t get in touch with the developers.

I’ve read rumors, both on the Aldfaer forum, and in the Dutch family tree program Facebook group, that the eror was triggered by specific words in the GEDCOM file, but I don’t believe those, because I tried cleaning the GEDCOM files, and because it happens with Aldfaers own GEDCOM files too.