Double Dates before 1583

Since the Julian calendar was used prior to 1583 /1752, if dates are entered as if they were Gregorian dates then sorting children doesn’t work properly. For example, if a fist child were born on 1 Apr 1320 and a second child were born on 1 Mar 1720, they will sort second child first even though the first child was born 11 months before the second child. The earlier than 1583 restriction should be removed so the child sorts can be correct.

You can change the Sort Date so it will sort differently.

How do you do that for Julian dates before 1583 and still have current dual dates work as at present?

Guessing this is a typo?

You will just have to play with the Sort Date and see the results. My earliest is 1785.

@Arlyn-- not exactly sure what you mean by

the way you make this right with specific dates is to use 1 April 1720 on the 1st child which gives them a sort date of 1 April 1720–on the 2nd child you use the dual dates
1 Mar 1720 /1721 which gives them a sort date of March 1721

– RM will let you use the
dual date 1 April 1719/1720 BUT you will notice that it turns YELLOW-- this means it is NOT an RM supported date— in this case you would manual enter a sort date of April 1 1719 or April 1 1720 BUT then there is no date that shows up on the family page-- you can use a hyphen 1 April 1719-1720-- that will show up correctly BUT makes it appear like your NOT sure what year he was born rather than dual years…

As for how the kids are arranged in the family, after you enter the 1st child, RM will ask each time if you want to rearrange the order ( even when entering them in the correct order)–you can change them or leave them alone–however you like…

And you don’t have to use dual dates if you don’t want to-- IF I had a case like this where the kids were born 11 months apart then YES I would use it BUT I have never found anything with dual dates on it or a case like this-- the only other time, I would definitely use dual dates is if i had a date on a document for 1750-1753 in England as of the changes they made to get from one calendar to the other…

Basically going down that rabbit hole again— we had a discussion a while back BUT it center more on other types of calendars --such as Jewish etc-- you can check that out here:

Found a really nice web site that explains abt dual dates in England and Colonial America–
1752 Calendar Change - Colonial Records & Topics - LibGuides Home at Connecticut State Library..

website says The changeover involved a series of steps:

December 31, 1750 was followed by January 1, 1750 (under the “Old Style” calendar, December was the 10th month and January the 11th)
March 24, 1750 was followed by March 25, 1751 (March 25 was the first day of the “Old Style” year)
December 31, 1751 was followed by January 1, 1752 (the switch from March 25 to January 1 as the first day of the year)
September 2, 1752 was followed by September 14, 1752 (drop of 11 days to conform to the Gregorian calendar)

Then this wiki page

half way down, this wiki document tells you whent some of the different countries/ religions adopted the new calendar and when they adopted Jan 1 as the start of a New Year…

To me that is the important thing you need to know BUT it also says that even though some countries such as Britain excluding Scotland didn’t start using Jan 1 as the start of the New Year until 1752 , they MIGHT have recorded dual dates BECAUSE other European countries were using them prior to that ( Scotland started in 1600)…

Lots to consider BUT basically do it however it works best for you…

It was a typo. Both years should have been 1320. The 25 March as New Years in the Julian Calendar was adopted in 527 so in the Catholic world a child born on 1 April would be approximately 11 months older than one born on 1 March in the same year. It seems that you are proposing conversion to a proleptic Gregorian calendar which takes into account the date of new years for manual entry into the sort date.

Just to be clear, what I am asking is for RootsMagic to change the early date restriction from 1683 to 527. Then I need to be aware of the New Year date in the location and child sort within a family will work when I correctly code a dual date.