Deleting RM8 after installing RM9

I have installed RM9. Is it safe to delete the RM8 program & files?

Not unless you like taking big risks. It is always prudent to keep older versions of data and software around after an upgrade, at least until you have had a few weeks working with the new version and feel comfortable with it. I generally never delete software unless disk space is an issue. You should also consider how it may impact your ability to return to very old backups if you ever need to. While that is usually not a problem I have seen it happen.

On occasion I have been very thankful I do that.


That would be throwing caution to the wind. Many bugs are being identified as RM9 users get to play with it so there will be a series of updates over the next few months. Don’t commit your data to RM9 until you are confident in doing so.


I’m keeping 8. Made a new folder called RM 9 data and copied RM8 files to it. Then ran 9 to covert that data that I wanted to.

Cautious approach is to remove RM8 BEFORE installing RM9. RM9 is using some of the same filenames as 8 and it would be unclear what components are 8 vs 9 to clean up later. I took this approach but forgot to remove RM8 components dumped in my rarely visited home folder.

That’s bad advice. It assumes that it is safe to commit your data to RM9. There’s no going back except via lossy GEDCOM. Keep your working database in the older version and PLAY in RM9 to learn how features you use regularly and new ones that interest you perform. Only commit your data to the new version when you have gained the competence and confidence to do so.


Yes and no. RM9 clearly has both old and new bugs and is not ready to trust fully. It also seems to share some files with RM8 which could cause problems if 8 is later removed. However RM8 at least on mac was never a safe ride.

Databases can be stored in a new folder for safe keeping and recovery. However few users seem to understand files and folders on their computer.

Many thanks for all your advice. I will certainly keep RM8 for now.

Just purchased RM9— haven’t downloaded it yet and waiting for the RM9 manual to arrive. By way of background, I was new to RM last year when I purchased RM8. Since last March, I have put in days/hours worth of information into RM8 with very few issues. I use a Mac, version Big Sur 11.7.4.

I am really confused as to setting up my files so that I don’t lose my RM8 files before I upload and convert to RM9. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Currently, my computer folders for RM8 are set up like this:

In Documents:

∨ Family Name (date).rmbackup
﹥Family Name Media [this is a subfolder under Backups]
∨ Family Name.rmtree

In RM8 the folder settings are as follows:

Data folder: /Users/name/Documents/RootsMagic/Data
Backup folder: /Users/name/Documents/RootsMagic/Backups
Media folder: /Users/name/Documents/RootsMagic/family name Media

Thank you in advance for your help!

  1. consider updating your mac to the current OS.
  2. Simply copy your RM8 databases, backups and perhaps your media folder inside a new folder to archive these files.
  3. When you open your RM8 files in RM9 they will be converted to the 9 format but you will still have the 8 format files tucked away for a while in case of a disaster.
  4. A basic guide to using the mac from amazon would help you understand file/folder concepts.
  5. Be sure you are automatically backing up your mac with time machine.

I’d rename these folders to RootsMagic8. Then make new ones named RootsMagic9 and copy the databases from 8 to 9 and open them with v9.

Thank you for your replies!

Rooty, I am upgrading this year—waiting for the MacBook Air 2023. If you could recommend a good manual I would be very grateful.

MadDog, I’ve seen your other posts and appreciate your tips—direct, simple and to the point!

Thanks again!

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