Data conversion from RM7 to RM9: no place detail notes in RM9

I tried to export RM7 file to RM9. Place detail notes are not available on RM9 !
And an other question : I plan to change to RM8. What are the limitations ? What are data not transfered ?

Hi @Jasper2 — it actually is available on RM 9 BUT NOT like in RM 7 that I can see…
In RM 7 when entering a fact, you could add the note on the person’s edit screen

In RM 9, you go to PLACES IN THE LEFT COLUMN, pick the name of the place then hit NOTE on Right side of screen to add your notes…

So if you have RM 9, why are you changing to RM 8?–Just curious…

Limitations-- the guys can probably tell you a lot more but in my opinion, RM9 and RM8 are very similar except RM 9 has added features…
Since Rootsmagic upgraded to RM9, there will be no more updates to RM 8 but I am sure that you could probably still use it for many years…
You can’t take a file that has been opened in RM 9 and open it in RM 8 BUT you can make a gedcom of your RM 9 file and import it into RM 8 ( or RM 7).

note @TomH ( and others ) have said there can be a loss of info when importing by gedcom-- I’ve never experienced it BUT here is a site from Tom


Nov '21

For a comprehensive list of GEDCOM losses:

These are the files than can be imported in RM 8

RM8 was an unsupported alpha release with no manual, many bugs and frequent access violation crashes. RM9 is the first true release with a manual and videos in the can. No same person would use RM8.

@Rooty --sorry had to laugh at your post–Yes RM 8 has many bugs and frequent access violations BUT RM 9 also has many bugs and frequent access violations-- only difference is that RM 9 will be updated in the future while RM 8 will remain as it is…

Thanks to all of you,

Sorry, I didn’t express myself well
I tried the RM9 version, using an RM8 file coming from RM7.
After your replies, I then transferred the original RM7 file to RM9. In this case it works. I was able to recover the detail notes for the locations.

I do have one question, though. Is there an automatic procedure for reintegrating the location detail notes into the location notes, since my aim is to be able to export a complete GEDCOM?

Sorry @Jasper2 --don’t think I can answer that as I did NOT even know you could add notes to the place details UNTIL you posted the question-- perhaps one of the guys will know but it maybe tomorrow before they respond

Place Details are exported to GEDCOM and I think their Notes are included. It’s up to the importing software to preserve them as is or convert them to places.

RM has no tool that converts Place Details to Places. I wrote one 8 years ago (see ) and, reviewing it just now, I see that I did nothing about combining the Notes from Place and Place Details. I think that makes sense because it avoids the Place Note being repeated across multiple former Place Details. The original Place remains in the database. The script is untested for RM9.

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I believe that they did actually support RM8.

I do know that Ancestry does NOT support PLACE DETAILS in their family files --so I used DESCRIPTION in the fact and it worked BUT there is abt a 100 word restriction on Ancestry for the notes and descriptions on a fact

Thank you Nancy, thank you all,

what I got from the exchanges is that it’s certain that the location detail notes are written in the GEDCOM file. Recovering this data will depend on the application’s ability to use it.

Your first and last names make me think of Lorraine or Alsace origins. Am I right?

I can confirm this. I checked with a GEDCOM editor. The structure and the data related to the location details are present:
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Laughter justified. On mac RM9 now has very few AVs but is still buggy and requires so many clicks back and forth to get anywhere that I will wait for version 10.

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Agree completely with the too many clicks as it can cause many errors–seems like that abt the time Rootsmagic fixed all the AV’s on Mac, was when they started happening on more and more on the Windows version :frowning_with_open_mouth:

AVs are still happening on mac: just not every 5 minutes as initially.

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