Creating a Group RM9 - Persons LDS Seal to Parents ONLY

Using `Find function to test the results, I have entered:

My results show persons with both LDS Seal to Parents AND LDS Seal to Spouse as well as the requested, Seal to Parents ONLY.

What do I need to change to eliminate those that have the LDS Seal to Spouse as well?


Change LDS Seal to spouse to <> by clicking on the drop down.

I’m puzzled that your criteria fail to exclude those with the Seal to spouse. Another approach that shoul work is to Mark those with Seal to parents and then Unmark those for lacking the Seal to spouse.

Thank you both. I couldn’t get the solution by BobC to work, but the one from TomH did. So thank you both for taking the time! Have a good weekend.

I now know why my prior group selection “seemed to not work”. In another post, apparently, intentionally the People List does NOT automatically update when a group change is made. You have to load a different group and then go back to the group you had updated to see the changes. Someone has put in a request to add an “Update” button for that People List.