Corporate Authors in Short Footnotes & Bibliographies

My question relates to both RM7 & RM8 (if not all versions since the beginning).

When a source contains a corporate author (e.g., New England Historic Genealogical Society) RM’s short footnotes cite “Society,” as if the word were a person’s last name. Bibliography entries follow the same rule, so that you end up with “Society, New England Historic Genealogical.”

I frequently cite works created by various corporate authors whose names end with the same word, e.g., Society or Group (as in Special Interest Group). Is there a way to customize the Short Footnote or Bibliography entries in Source Templates (other than Free-Form) to avoid customizing citations one by one?

If not, I would like to request that feature.

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This peculiarity has always annoyed me as well.

Enter it as /New England Historic Genealogical Society/ and it will treat it correctly. You won’t have to edit the source template at all.


The /slashes/ will denote it as a surname so the full name will be used.


Thank you very much for pointing that out!

Excellent! I appreciate your help.

Thank you!

Just goes to show I should have asked years ago!

Great tip! :+1: Now if I can only remember it! :wink: