Age at Death Report

How do I create a report that shows the age at death of all the individuals in my database?

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I’m not sure that this can be directly achieved in RM8 given that we don’t have access to the custom reports yet.

It’s a little messy, time consuming, and won’t work particularly well if you have people with the identical name, but a “workaround” for the time being could be:

  1. Go to the “Fact List” report and generate a report for “people with a fact type of” birth

  2. Save the report to Excel

  3. Repeat the same report for “people with a fact type of” death

  4. Save the report to Excel

  5. Then combine the reports, ensuring that the birth and death details for each person align. I’ve not used it in a very long time but I think the function (formula) VLOOKUP will assist here (but will become tricky if there are multiple identical names)

  6. Once the birth and death details align for each person, the death date can be found by subtracting one from the other (and applying a formula to convert this to years, the DATEDIF function might help here).

I’ll be interested to hear if any others have ideas, as there must be a better solution! :rofl:

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Interesting idea, unfortunately Excel does not work with dates before 1900:-(

@bfurr1 @JillV However, all is not lost the free Libre Office CALC spreadsheet ( will accept dates before 1900, and can read and save Excel file formats.
From their help file: Year is an integer in the range 1583 to 9956 or in the range 0 to 99.

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If you have an ID number displayed this will be output in the report, this will make aligning the people easier.

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How do you “Save the report to Excel” in Rootsmagic 7.0. I don’t see that option.

Sorry, @bfurr1 – I assumed you were using RM8.

In RM7, you could save the reports to a text file and then copy across the resulting data to Excel (or the Libre option that Chris suggested).

But a better option if you’re using RM7 would be to possibly create a new group by selecting:

  1. mark group

  2. select people by data fields

  3. use the parameters “death”, “age” is “greater than” -1

  4. then use this group to create a custom report filtered with the information that you’d like displayed!

Hope this helps and I’m sure other’s will jump in if they have other thoughts on how you might best get this report from RM7 :blush:

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