Primary Photo setting will not stick

I’ve been using RootsMagic 8 for a few months with no real problem/issues until yesterday. I decided to replace my 2tb harddisk with a 2tb ssd. I copied the contents of my data drive to the new ssd and assigned the same Drive letter and Volume name. But when I began to add media into existing records the media show’s up as added with the picture in the record but when I attempt to assign it as a Primary photo by ticking off the box for ‘Primary photo’ it highlights as checked off but when I apply the ‘save’ checkmark it reverts back as unchecked. Also when I click the ‘Primary photo’ check mark initially a ‘black’ circle appears to the left of the field. I’m not sure I actually noticed that before. Any ideas as to what may be causing the ‘Primary photo’ option not to stick? I did a ‘fix broken media links’ but the problem still persists.

This has been caused by the latest update and will be fixed in the next - See FB posts

Do you know how long it will be before the next update? I don’t really want to move on adding info. until the photo’s I display can be viewed. If I ad Photos now, will they be visible once the “fix” is accomplished? Thanks

Here’s the link:

I would imagine it will be issued when they have fixed enough bugs and/or added enough new features to warrant an update and I doubt if anybody, even Bruce Buzbee, can tell you that with any certainty!

The latest update fixed it. Great. Many thanks.

Interestingly I am now having what seems to be the exact opposite of this problem. EVERY time I tag a person to a media item it sets that person’s primary photo with the media item. I am carefully unchecking the checkbox named “Primary photo for this person” but it will not stay unchecked. Consequently I have go into each person’s profile and manually clear out the media item that I don’t want to be the primary photo.

I am running version on Windows 10 Home edition.

I reported this on the RootsMagic Support page and was informed that development is aware of the issue. But they did not offer an estimate of when it might be fixed.

Happy to report this problem is now resolved in version