Narrative Report reference numbers

I have researched everywhere and can not find what the little numbers are in the Narrative Report. What do they refer to and can I disable them.

The number 63 after Hiram Alexander’s name, the number 64 after Benson, VT, number 65 after 1910. Driving me nuts trying to figure out what they are. Help this old man.

They tie the sources in footnotes/end-notes to where they are used in your RM file. 63 is tied to his name and 64 is tied to his birth source.

You would need to not include sources in the narrative report for the the footnote numbers not to show up. The Sources settings are under References in the report settings. Click on the button and select “No sources” in the drop list under “Citation Type”. If you select to have a Bibliography it won’t add the footnote numbers but will give a list of all the sources in the Bibliography.

Thank you rzamor1. That is exactly what I wanted to do, get rid of the numbers. They did not provide anything to me and only added to the confusion in the book. Still don’t understand what they referred to. One other question about Publisher. Can you clone the report and reuse the exact settings on another individual? I am trying to publish a book on my ancestors. Then I would like to publish a book using the exact same setting on my wife’s ancestors.

Thanks BobC. I don’t understand how or what the numbers refer back to. How they are generated and how to follow them back to the source.

Have you never read a book with numbered notes on the bottom of a page of text or with numbered notes at the end of the book or chapter. The former are called footnotes (at the foot of the page on which they are referred) and the latter are endnotes. The little superscript numbers you see in the body of the text correspond to the numbers of the supporting foot/endnotes. All the source citations you have tagged as evidence in support of the facts/events you have asserted about a person in your report appear as either footnotes or endnotes subject to the report settings you have chosen. If you choose not include Sources in your report, there will be no foot/endnotes nor superscript numbers (nor any evidence).

There isn’t an option to clone or copy the book template. It has been reported as an enhancement request to development. That would leave you with two options.

  1. Manually recreate the book template
  2. Edit the existing book template and change the start person’s in each chapter.

Thanks rzavor1. That would be a great enhancement. Rather than recreating the entire template. I would also like to be able to copy the book and then perhaps change or add a report and publish a slightly different book and save it in RM8 without deleating the first book. Also as I said create the same book with the same settings for a different person such as my wife’s family. I am finding it very useful when I create the book it helps me find the notes and citations that need editing or tweaking a little bit. Also spell checking would be great. I really like the idea of publishing a book. I figure that maybe 50 years after my death one of my great grandchildren might find the book and think it is really great that their great grandpa wrote this down. I figure that there is a good chance that my laptop could just end up in the recycle bin and all the information with it. I don’t know about other people but my children and grandchildren are busy with their lives and are not interested in genealogy. That’s my plan, to leave a written copy laying around to be discovered. Thanks again Renee.

Thanks TomH for the explanation. I am trying to sort this all out before physically printing out the book. Yes, I have occationaly read a book with numbered notes but I usually don’t read them. Still learning how all this works so that it makes sence to me. Thanks again for the explanation.