Is it possible to change "Source Type" for existing sources from "Free Form" to one of the many "Source Templates"

I created all my sources using the Free Form source type. At the time of creation, I should have chosen one of the existing Source Templates for most of these sources. What is the best way to change the source association assuming that is possible?

There isn’t a way to merge a free form source into a templated source. All the fields need to match when you merge sources, so it wouldn’t work. You will need to add a new source and manually add it to all the people/facts you want it used on.

I have lots of free-form sources. To large of a project to change them. They really don’t make any difference in your reports when you print them out. So there isn’t a pressing need to change them. Only when I’m adding new sources do I use a source template. I add an asterisks to the end of the source name to denote it’s the new templated source and not the older free form one.

Free Form sources transfer more transparently from RM to other systems via GEDCOM than do templated sources, with the possible exception of Ancestry Record sources between RM and an Ancestry Tree. If that is important and your targets do not import RM’s templated sources well, consider using the template to generate a draft Footnote Sentence and copy it to the Footnote Sentence of Free Form. Likewise for Short Footnote and Bibliography.

Thank you for the quick replies. I will keep the Free Form sources and consider using the templates for new ones. Is there any advantage to using the templates for sources?

For me the advantage of using source templates is it creates the footnote, short footnote and Bibliography all at the same time. Where as in Free Form I need to copy and paste what I want in each. On the flip side sometimes I just want to copy the citation already on a website and then the free form is much easier for me to use.

For consistency of style, type of content included, a template or guide provides an advantage over a blank field for the sentence. Now that could be an outboard template of your own choosing or even making, as in a spreadsheet.