I have 2 death facts I want to merge. How?

I have an old death fact for Find A Grave and a newer death fact. Can I merge them into one? Or does it matter? I don’t want to retype everything about Find A Grave.

There is no fact merge. You would have to copy and paste to update and then delete the one you don’t want.

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Are they actually different facts or just different sources?

They are two different sources. One is Find a Grave and the other is the death certificate. I want to have just one death fact with two different sources. Isn’t that how you are supposed to do it?

Yes, that is normally how it should be but for some reason you added two facts. Some people do that when they find different dates from different sources.

I would say that you have:

  1. A death fact with a primary source (the death certificate which was completed near the time of death by someone who was personally acquainted with the facts) and a secondary source (find a grave might list the death date but you have no idea where that info came from, even if it is chiseled in stone.)
  2. A burial fact with a primary source (find a grave records the actual burial place, but probably not the date) and maybe a second primary source (quite often the death certificates will give the date and place of burial or cremation.)
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