Extract Data from Genealogy Sites

Hope this this is OK.

This add-on has saved me a tremendous about of time.
Not Free.
But similar ones are but not written specifically for Genealogy sites

Online Repository Assistant
This add-on to your web browser is very helpful.
Pulls data from most used genealogy sites.
Automatically populate you data fields. 1 mouse click.
Customizable to any site.

Read more at below


Windows OS and browsers only.

This looks interesting. I assume you will need subscriptions for Ancestry and other paid sites to use this.

Has anyone tried this?
What’s your opinion?

Does it work with RM8?

Probably because that’s what most people use!

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Yes works with RM8, FTM, TMG. Probably any software.
See links.

No. Free or paid doesn’t matter. Under you what you see in your browser is under written code that it exacts the data from.

Here is some of them
American Ancestors, Ancestry, Australian Cemeteries Index, BillionGraves,
FamilySearch, Find a Grave, Findmypast, Fold3, FreeReg, General Register Office, UK
JewishGen, Newspapers.com, Nova Scotia Genealogy, TheGenealogist, Trove.

Some use it with excel.

for more sites
See Repositories and Generic Service

Even it you don’t use the fill in feature it still reduces the copy and past time to 1 button clicks to copy info.

I’m going to close commenting now. It really is off track for being a RM Community.