Date formatting

If I have the format for dates in the setting set to “month day, year” Jan 1. 2021 why does it show in the people listing as “day Month Year” 1 Jan 2021.?

Hi OldBob2, recheck your date settings.
I don’t know your computer system, I have Windows and changed mine just to check and it works ok.

I have W10 PC and you got me…how do you check a date setting in W10. In my W10 settings for Date and Time the “change” is not clickable. If I go to the regional settings the short date IS set to Month Day Year

RM8 uses the date format under settings.

Go to Settings, in General Settings and click the Gear icon on top.
Go down to Date Format and click on the date showing there.
It will open up to show you more. Just choose one.

We’re talking about RM 8 options.

Yes in RM8 I have that setting at, year but if you go a person and in the pedigree list on the right side and change to the people icon in that section the dates are day.month.year.
Oddly more, if I run an outline narrative the header dates are day.month.year but in the body of the report the dates are correct as to
In the family and decendents views they are correct

Check your date format setting in the narrative report

It is set correctly as Month day year
I just checked RM7 and it is behaving the same…different date formats…guess I never noticed that issue before.

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You’re right, I never noticed it either.

Appears, to me, to be in order to facilitate sorting dates/datemodifiers and their presentation as columnar info.

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That does seem like a reasonable answer. Thank you.