Cemetery pictures

Over the past 20 plus years I have ventured with my camera to cemeteries located within a 50 miles radius of Bettola, Piacenza and take pictures. I first take a full picture of the headstone and then next picture is a closeup of the picture on the headstone. Sometimes I can link them to somebody in my database but most of them time I cannot. After so many years the headstone are removed either due to poor condition of headstone, no family, or they fall over. That happened to some of my ancestors. I have over 1000 such pictures with no link. Eventually I hope [if I live long enough] be able to link them but the dread these people of being lost forever haunts me. I don’t mind the work. Should I ignore them or enter them as is. What say you?

Perhaps consider contributing to something like Find A grave website or similar?
Seems a pity not to make use of your valuable efforts.
Contribute - Find A Grave

Findagrave accepts uploaded photos and transcripts which become available worldwide. However, most cemeteries have already been photographed and uploaded.

Unfortunately what they have i entered. Geneanet uses gps and phone. Geneanet uploads using droid or ios. Then somebody else can transcribe the headstone. I want to enter into rm and then using a gedcom upload what i entered in rm. it would be in my tree.

You can always link images to someone in your RM database. Discussion on what to do outside of RM to preserve those images is beyond the scope of this Community.