Blank Citations screen

When working with sources, I sometimes encounter a ‘blank’ citation screen.

When working with an individual, I sometimes discover two citations which should be merged.

Thus, I go to the Sources screen which shows me the number of times a citation is used.

For example, the source “News-KS Dodge City Daily Globe” shows 68 citations. When I click the number to go to the list of citations, I get a blank screen.

If I close RootsMagic and reopen the file, the sources/citations pages function as expected - at least for a brief time before the blank screen happens again.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in the program?

Take the database out of the folder syncing with Dropbox. Then run the Database Tools, under File, Tools.

In the citations window, you have text entered in the search box. Remove it and see what happens.