What happened to wordwrap?

In RootsMagic 7 it was possible to wrap text in notes. Is this not possible in RM8?

Seems a strange question. Can you post a screenshot of an example?

The wrap text feature meant that you could highlight some text in the note editor and all carriage returns in the highlighted text would be replaced with a single space. It was mostly useful if you pasted text into a note that was sharply divided into lines and you wanted the text to flow as a paragraph instead. It was the rightmost icon in the toolbar for the RM7 note editor and it could also be invoked with Ctrl-W, which is the way I always did it.

It’s a missing feature in RM8 that I hadn’t yet noticed. I don’t use it very often, but when I do it can be invaluable. It needs to be added to the list of RM7 features that are missing from RM8.



Attached is the wordwrap icon from within the notes section of an individual record.


Wordwrap icon RM7.JPG

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Thanks for the clarifications. The original phrase “wrap text in notes” made no sense to me because that is precisely what the Note Editor does. Unlike MS NotePad or NotePad++, it has no “unwrap” option, i.e., leave everything up to a line feed on one line scrolling off screen.

The RM7 “Wordwrap selected text” function is itself misnamed, is it not? Really what it does is “Concatenate selected lines”. Merriam Webster says:

Definition of word wrap

: a word processing feature that automatically transfers a word for which there is insufficient space from the end of one line of text to the beginning of the next

I too really miss wordwrap in RM8 as it is one of the tools that I use frequently, usually when pasting information from Ancestry and FindmyPast into citations in RM7. I did flag it up as an issue in the beta testing phase.
Yet another reason why I have yet to commit to RM8 as my preferred software.

…there are just so many of those reasons…