What does the "Score" in web hints results refer to?

What does the term “Score” refer to in Web Hints results?

Where are you seeing the score? A screen shot would help.

I believe the reference is to FamilySearch hints

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Thanks for your reply.
The response from Kbens0n is correct. Here is a screen shot of what I was referring to, but it doesn’t say what the score means.

This is all I could find on the Family Search Community page

Gordon Collett ✭✭✭✭✭
October 29, 2022

Now to some background on Hints and suggestions. The formal Hint routine that places hints on a person’s detail page has been adjusted through the years trying to deal with four types of Hints:

Hints on a person’s detail page that should be there. (True Positives)
Hints on a person’s detail page that should not be there. (False Positives)
Hints that are not on a person’s detail page that should be there. (False Negatives)
Hints that are not on a person’s detail page that should not be there. (True Negatives)
I have no idea of the details, but the hint routine somehow looks at all the information on a person including relationships, all sources, and all rejected hints, to generate a score. A cutoff is set, and if a score is over the cutoff, the hint is posted to a persons page. If the score is below the cut off, it is not.

I have heard in presentations that FamilySearches goal is to have the cutoff set to give the greatest number of True Positives and the smallest number of False Positives on the detail page.

Basic statistics govern such a goal: Try to get every single True Positive, that is, have has few False Negatives as possible, will result in a greater number of False Positives. Try to eliminate every False Positive, and you will get a greater number of False Negatives. You will never be able to have only True Positives and only True negatives. Because there is greater risk for people blindly and incorrectly attaching False Positives, that last I heard from an online presentation last year by Ron Tanner was that the score is set quite high for the Detail page to try to eliminate as many False Positives as possible


I would assume that their SCORE is 1-5 BUT have no idea–IF SO,
that would mean there is an 80% probability that the Find-a-Grave HINT is 80% correct for your Ancestor-- if however their SCORE is 1-10, then it is 40%–I did a search on Findagrave for your ancestor and came up with 2 ( if i have the right name) so how accurate do you think that hint is?

you might want to post your question to the Family Search Community
https://community.familysearch.org/en/ or their facebook page and get back to us on their answer…