Using Windows 11. RM8 freezes when any edit is made to my file. Unable to exit the program without Alt/Ctrl/Del./

For several days RM8 locks up (freezes) with any edit or addition of new info to any person’s record. Can not close, save, or exit, except using the ALT//CTRL/DEL to shut the program down. Been happening for less than a week. Been using Win 11 for a month. RM8 has current updates. What’s wrong?

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Just started happening to me today. Screen shot is below:

Then when I try to close the program, via clicking in the upper right hand corner “X”, I get another blank window:

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A few days back I received both an update to WIN11 and and update to RM8, and for a couple days the problem did not recur. Then another change to WIN11 and it is back again, RM8 will sometimes let me make a change to my file and save it then it freezes again. Yesterday I opened RM8 and it froze within a couple minutes without my entry of anything. Only way out is the ALT/CTRL/DEL to shut the RM8 program down using Task Manager. Is there a gremlin in RM8?

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Windows 11 Pro, v.21H2, build 22000.282
RM8 v. (1 Nov 2021)
No freezes of the type described through the Win 10 - Win 11 transition and follow on updates on my PC. Access Violations when trying to run RM8 on an iMac (Big Sur and Monterey).
My best suggestion:
Make a copy of the rmtree and a backup.
Uninstall RM8
Restart your PC
Reinstall a clean RM8
Try opening the rmtree file.
Failure of the above - contact Rootsmagic.


Try this change to compatibility settings. I have found that it helps with problems other than that for which RM Inc has recommended. No harm in trying it as you can revert

I have deleted RM8 twice today, rebooting, and then downloading and reinstalling the program. Running RM8, it automatically pulls in my RM8 file and still freezes up. I can’t create a GEDCOM of my current file, and don’t believe there is a way to get my backup opened in RM7. I have been using the RM8 almost exclusively since early this year when it was released

So it freezes up on opening the file? So you cannot even run File > Database Tools on it?

Two suggestions:

  1. Submit a ticket to RM Tech Support, requesting authorisation to upload your .rmtree file for them to inspect along with your description of your problem.

  2. Send it to me to have a look at with sqlite.

My experience has been that uninstalling RM8 still leaves files behind so that the next install isn’t actually a clean new install. There should be an xml file named RootsMagicUser.xml in the AppData folder … look for it in C:/Users/yourusername/AppData/Roaming/RootsMagic/Version 8/ … delete that file before trying to reinstall RM8. I think that gives the cleanest reinstall. As well do not import a data file or point the install program at any rmtree file during the install. Then as as soon as the install is finished close RM8 - this will create a new RootsMagicUser.xml file. Then open RM8 and point RM8 to your rmtree file … and see what happens.

I’m running the latest version of Windows 11 with RM8.1 and since the RM update to 8.1 haven’t been having any freezing issues. I’ve found that simply uninstalling RM8 (or RM7 for that matter) still leaves traces behind, the most prominent being the RootsMagicUser.xml that contains all sorts of settings that carry over into the reinstall if it is not deleted before the reinstall.

Thank you for that information, Jeff. Will give it a try tomorrow.

Let me try Jeff’s suggestion first, Tom. Appreciate your recommendations, and maay end up going that route. My RM8 doesn’t freeze immediately, but if I open it and ignore i for several minutes, it will freeze on it’s own. Or if I go to one of my dead ends and go to Ancestry to retrieve some supporting documentation that might help in the research, it may freeze without doing anything other than going to the Person view or family view of someone. I may even be able to add a fact or edit the file before it freezes. The fact that the deletion of RM8 and re-install from a clean download of 8.1, when run automatically pulls in my primary RM8 data file (I have more than one RM8 files for different families) supports Jeff’s suggestion that the deletion of the program by Win11 is not getting everything. Should be easy to check.

Monitor computer resource utilisation in Task Manager with RM8 running. See if the freezing occurs with growing RAM consumption reaching ~2GB.

Thank you TomH. I was browsing this group and spotted this mouse problem fix and it worked for me!

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