Using a sitHow to use a sites preferred citation

While doing research in Washington State digital archives, when a record is found, the site displays a ‘Preferred Citation’. How do I break this down to its components/pieces to work in RM 8/9?
Example attached: [View Record - Department of Health, Delayed Birth Records - Charles - Wilder - James - Et Al. - Washington State Archives, Digital Archives]

You would need to use RM’s free form source template or else you would need to create a user defined source template that matches the Preferred Citation. Except that the preferred citation doesn’t seem to provide any guidance at all about how to produce the contents of the [Identification of Item] variable. I think that’s what you are really after.

Thanks thejerrybryan. I’ll give that a try.
I’m not a ‘seasoned’ genealogist, but I’ve been at this for a few years. It’s just that I’m not too keen on sources/citations.
As you can see from the example there is a PDF document associated with this record. Normally I’d just bring the PDF up … save it to my media folder … attach it to the individual … but never added the source/citation reference.
Years ago my 1st cousin (once removed), Betty West (nee Wilder) did an extensive amount of genealogy on the Wilder/Luark lines. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of atta he’d supporgtived documentation. So I’ve taken it upon myself to do as much as I can to find said documentation.
I’m taking all of her work and entering it in RM. I started this project way back during Family Origins days and am now using the latest RM9.