Source Type for Passport Application

After locating a passport application form on Ancestry I ran into a wall trying to determine the best way to cite and enter a source type. Any recommendations? The information and related images are from Ancestry’s U.S., Passport Applications, 1795-1925. Thanks.

First, don’t over think sources, which is what 99% of the people that ask similar questions are doing. Second, take a look at the templates for Basic Ancestry Database Template, Basic Ancestry Images Template or even Basic Online Temple and see what data they want, and see if you can fit you information into them. If they don’t, I believe you also have some options such as ‘Website (w multiple databases)’, which I can not remember if they are stock templates or if I downloaded them.

Now that I think about it, I may have downloaded them from a page that @rzamor1 maintains.

The user submitted source templates are now here - User Source Templates

Here is a link to Elizabeth Shown Mill’s example of how to cite a passport application. It is a pretty detailed description.

Thank you everyone! I appreciate the assistance and education!