Relationship in people list

is it possible to ad the relationship ad in the people list ?

I assume you mean in People List view? If so, that would be great new feature. Here’s an example of what it might look like.

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The relationship is not a fact which the People list needs. I use the Reference No. fact to enter a relationship code. That fact I can add to the People List.

Why do you say that when it has been a repeated enhancement request?

Your use of the Reference Number fact is not a good solution for all users. If one uses RefNo for other purposes, only the first one added will show in the People List, unless there is an enhancement to filter the Reference Number column to show only those having a certain pattern. Moreover, it is laborious to codify and add the relationship as a fact. The requested enhancement requires no user effort beyond running Set Relationships, from time-to-time (the frequency with which one need do so potentially reduced by a different enhancement recently requested).

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There is no particular reason that People List View should need a fact. For example, People List View already supports Date Edited, Record Number, and Sex - none of which are facts.

All three of those items are in RM’s PersonTable rather than being in RM’s EventTable where facts are stored. Relationship is also stored in RM’s PersonTable. It seems to me like a natural extension to include Relationship along with Date Edited, Record Number, and Sex.

There are a couple of other things in RM’s PersonTable that would be good candidates for displaying in People List View, namely Living Flag and Color. In the case of Color, it would need to support Color Set 1 Color, Color Set 2 Color, etc. as separate columns. It would be a way to see all the colors for a person at the same time.


While that may work for some users – @thejerrybryan screenshot example is exactly what many of us would like to see (at least the closest relationship).

Calm down, as most of you know this request has previously been reported to development. You don’t have to get all upset because I mentioned its not a fact. I was simply stating why you can’t select and add it to the People List as OP asked. Using the Ref No. fact is how I get around that limitation. Sorry, I didn’t confirm its status.

Chuckles… I took the unintended meaning from what I see now was an ambiguous first sentence - a meaning I did not expect from you so I asked “Why?”.

And nobody needs to calm down. If anything, it was a useful discussion that sheds light on how easily the enhancement could be implemented and that it warrants a related enhancement regarding the reference person.

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