Order of marriages and divorces in reports

I have a nephew who married…had children… and divorced and then became engaged to another woman. When I run a Narrative report, his information reads correctly but his last paragraph is that he is engaged and then after that is the X-wife and her information and the divorce fact. When I look at the nephews facts the correct sort dates of facts are correct. I would think the divorce fact would be in the section of the nephew information prior to the fact of the new engagement or am I entering it incorrectly. Are divorces always associated with the spouse?

Divorce is a “Family” fact and always associated with the spouse. You can see what type facts are by using “Fact Types” from the Command Palette.

Thank you for your clarification on the Divorce Family Fact. It just reads odd that the divorce is read after the engagement to another but I can explain it to my family somewhat Could I enter the engagement better or even maybe add a note on the nephew about the divorce?

Engagement and Divorce are both family facts. They should be printing in the correct order with the rest of the family facts. Check that you only have one fact type of each in the Fact Type List. Click on the 3 dot menu near the Tools (wrench) icon on the People page.