Multiple/stacking selections for media management and Photo recognition

Appreciate RM8 8.2.5 update; am a satisfied Mac “amateur” user; wonder if any other users are able to select “multiple” with CMD/shift CMD(Control in Windows)for range selections for actions/moves etc…. Or is it a work in progress!
Also, HEIC media recognition for media files; also a Mac issue…

I’m not an RM employee, so I can’t really speak to what they might or might not do. But I believe I’m correct that they plan to support only those things that can be supported on both Windows and Mac. For example, the GenSmarts support in RM7 was not carried forward into RM8 because GenSmarts is a Windows-only program.

That’s not to say that Windows can’t handle HEIC files. For example, the Photos app on Windows has an HEIC extension that you can install. But that’s not the same thing as supporting HEIC files from within RM itself.

Thanks, that makes sense…certainly could have bigger challenges… Most of this type are a convenience, and do have work arounds… Fred