How to link when father is one of four brothers

By using Ancestry DNA, I was able to locate someone’s paternal grandfather but, could only prove that my person’s father could only be one of this man’s four sons. I cannot figure out how to link these people. The mother was not married to any of these brothers. She had this baby at the Springer Hospital in Johnson City, NY.

I would make an Association to each of them as possible fathers. That family until you know which son is the father would be a separate tree in the database.

The best you can do is probably to add a fifth son with an unknown name with lots of notes to clarify the situation. This fifth son obviously is not really a fifth son, but he is the son to which you would attach your person as a child pending further research. It would link your person to the correct paternal grandfather.

You mentioned Ancestry DNA, but my first question is whether the DNA that provided the evidence was autosomal DNA or Y-DNA. No matter which it was, I would also want to get evidence from the other kind of DNA test. Four brothers should have identical or nearly identical Y-DNA, but they will not have identical autosomal DNA.

My second question is whether the presumed paternal grandfather had any brothers and if it is possible that any such hypothetical brothers could have been the paternal grandfather instead.

But as far as RM itself, I think the only short term solution is going to be to add some sort of dummy person as I already described.

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Thank you for the information. Adding a fifth brother will probably work best for my needs. My four candidates have been dead for about fifty years.