How Does One Change the "Tag" for a Discussion Thread from a "question" to a "feature-request"?

How does the creator of a discussion topic change its “Tag” from a “question” to a “feature-request”?

I would generally start a new topic as a question in the hopes that other members of the community can provide an answer to the question w/o pestering the RM8 developers. Perhaps an RM8 developer would provide a response to such a question. Or, perhaps that is merely an expectation of a responsiveness that does not exist.

If there is little or no response, it would be nice to to have the ability to recharacterize the discussion thread based upon the assumption that the RM8 developers pay more attention to a topic “feature request” than they do to a topic “question”.

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If you are the creator of a new topic at the bottom of the initial post there is a pencil icon, select this to edit the post. You are then able to change the tags for the topic as needed.

This is not available in subsequent posts to the topic only the ability to edit what you have posted.

After a period of time (perhaps 24 hours, perhaps less), the ability to edit is disabled. The pencil icon disappears. I would like to be able to recharacterize a “question” to a “feature-request” after 24-48 hours or more have elapsed (i.e., when responses from the community have slowed down or are non-existent.

I have wondered the same thing. I started a question hoping to find an answer. Did get some response, but not a solution. But I then started a new thread in the form of a feature-request. I would like to know if the developers even see these requests, and if they do, do they typically post a response. I’d like to know if there will be some consideration to the request, and maybe further discussion to understand what the issue is. It might be that I am not understanding how to use the program, or it might be that there is a problem to resolve. I did just join the Facebook RootsMagic User Group and I see that there are responses by Bruce Buzbee to some posts. Maybe the FB page is more visible to the developers?


I suspect that at this stage the RM people are overwhelmed with problem reports so don’t have the time to do much with this forum at the moment. Maybe in time, that will change as pressure eases.

I think that if there is something that you think is important enough, whether an identifiable problem or maybe more a requirement, and it has had an airing here with supportive comments, we should be raising these via support as they are more likely to be logged, even if they are just put into the ‘to be looked at later’ bucket.

John P

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Unless there is another way that the Admins view this forum that we are not privy to then you are absolutely correct. If you check the Admin’s names under Users with the All time period selected you will find that they have read very few posts, although the number is now beginning to rise.

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If RM Inc returns to ‘normal’ times (post-overwhelmed), we may well see the return of @rzamor1’s (Renee Zamora) practice of posting to a thread a sentence like:

Confirming enhancement request is in our tracking system.

This was the practice she instituted in the old RootsMagic Forums (as in the second message in this discussion from 2012) regardless of category and, until recently, in the Facebook group, which is unstructured.

I won’t speculate whether she will read the feature-request tag first or more closely but I would guess that it would make no difference to the delivery date which for many requests is equivalent to ‘never’.

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