Edit window, place drop down list

I can’t remember any previous questions about increasing the number of place names in the drop down list on the edit person window from 5 to something like maybe 10. The one you get when you start typing a place name. I am constantly having to type 12 or more characters to get the place I want to appear in the list because I seem to have a large number of places that start with the same letters. And yes I am aware of the globe icon to go to the place list which can take a number of clicks to get to the desired place name. It seems there should be some constant or hard coded number in the program (bad coding practice) that could be increased easily to make the displayed list longer.

Probably neither! In today’s GUIs it is most likely a property of the ComboBox control. Unfortunately if it takes you more than 4 or 5 characters to find your place, you are probably out of luck because that would be way more place lines than is going to be feasible in any sane GUI design…even 10 items is pushing it.

It probably would take a little more processing power, but I don’t see how it would be significantly more.