ChildParent Fact Type

What is the purpose of the ChildParent Fact and what information entry creates that fact (and where is it entered)?

RM does not have a ChildParent fact, neither RM7 nor RM8. I believe ChildParent facts are created when RM does a direct import of TMG data. If I remember correctly, the direct import from TMG creates a ChildParent fact because TMG has a place to enter evidence of parentage that does not exist in RM. So the ChildParent fact provides a way to retain that evidence in RM as TMG data is being imported.

I tried to search for this information to confirm it, but I couldn’t find the discussion I’m looking for.

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Thanks Jerry. Most of my data was indeed imported from my TMG database. I was wondering why that ChildParent fact appears on all my person edit screens. Now I know.

You are correct in every detail.

Thank you gentlemen.

My first post! I have wondered what this was for a long time having come from TMG. Scoured the 'getting the most out of RM7 book to no avail. Now I know so thanks very much.