Can't find Ashton-in-Makerfield or Ashton Under Lyne

On RM9 the Place–>Geocode option can’t find Ashton-in-Makerfield or Ashton Under Lyne. What should I do to geolocate these villages?

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A way is to get the geo-coordinates from an online map or Wikipedia and manually enter them into the Edit Place dialog.

I use OpenStreetMap
RM also uses OpenStreetMap. Enter the place that you want to geolocate. Place your cursor at the centre of the town on the map (or even the street, church, cemetery, farm or whatever if you are geolocating Place Details) then right click and select “Show address” on the dropdown. The Lat/Long will appear to the left. These coords can be copied into RM. Copy the whole string into the Latitude field and hit enter. The string will split and the Longitude field will be automatically filled.


Gazetteer of British Place Names

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