A forum for GEDCOM questions/conundrums, and general end-user database setup (new fields etc.)

It seemed we lacked an easy-to-find forum for generic matters concerning genealogical data transfer and database setup (the latter, meaning “things that can be adjusted by the end-user”).

With that in mind, I launched a new group on Facebook this morning, called GEDCOM Conundrums.

We’ll see how it goes.

The idea here is to unify users of all the various tree-building applications in a forum that keeps its dialogue specific to genealogical database structure, data transfer and/or GEDCOM protocol. Not allowed will be questions about how to use specific applications, and/or posts that are complaints or frustrations about specific apps. In other words; the topics in that group are intended to be generic in nature.

This is an open call for participants (presently, yours truly is the only one; its Admin). Additional administrators/moderators will be needed if the group becomes vibrant (and hopefully, it does!), so open call in that area too. Thanks all!


I apologize. The URL for the above-referenced group changed to the following:

This change was due to group consensus that this little forum should instead be a so-called “public group,” which allows non-members/non-participants to see content within the forum. To accommodate the change, the group had to be deleted entirely, then re-created as Public.